Tips from the Top - July 2016


The Double Benefits of Delegation

I am able to work from anywhere; my car, a coffee shop, any of my business locations or from a different continent…

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The Way It’s Always Been Done

I have been doing things the way my predecessor did them, and as a result every outcome mirrors what he would have done…

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Quick Tips

When Debtors Become Reality

When you look at your gross margin for a product on paper, you need to realise that recording it on paper does not put it in your bank account. Margin only really happens after you get paid.

By : Reto Hug, Maloya Laser

A Little Boost for Big Results

An inexpensive way to boost marketing muscle is through Facebook’s boosted-post option. Place a post on your company fan page and Facebook will ask if you want to boost it with increased visibility through a low cost, controllable boost distribution.

By : Josh Glas, PhiGem Parts

Keep It Private

Windows 10 has a privacy gap which requires your proactive attention. The default setting allows Microsoft to look at all of the information on your computer; however, you can change the privacy setting to turn this off.

By : James Vitale, Suffolk County Acupuncture

Racing Car Growth?

When you look at your business’ performance, think of it like driving a racing car. The fastest you can go is one mile per hour below being out of control. Thinking this way helps to ensure you are not growing so fast that you end up totally out of control.

By : Mike Bailis, SUNation Solar Systems
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