Tips from the Top - August 2016


Be a Leader

I was recently exposed to an interesting exercise which I recommend to my fellow TAB Members…

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Would You Please Like Me?

Most people like to be liked, and many salespeople love to be liked. The weakest salespeople need to be liked.

While the end result of being liked certainly provides an advantage over being disliked, a salesperson’s desire to feel good and their need for approval can have huge consequences in their overall effectiveness and ultimate success.

Let’s look at John…

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Quick Tips

A Little Incentive

When asking your audience to complete a survey, provide a little incentive gift to encourage their participation. A Starbucks, Amazon or other gift card for just £5 can get this done and improve your results.

By : Josh Glas, PhiGem Parts

Should You Deliver, Sell or Train Up?

If you find your team engages in necessary activities like sales or training, but their performance in those areas is not delivering value, you must make them a priority. You must communicate why, measure and reinforce those activities and improve on them.

Instead of asking yourself, "What if we don’t deliver value because we are selling or in training," ask instead, "How do we deliver long-term value if we are not creating demand or advancing our skill sets through ongoing training?"

By : Bruce Nelson, Vertical Solutions

Build a Hiring Pipeline

Every business should consider building a hiring pipeline, which allows you to have good employees available when they are needed. Hiring should not be an event spurred by employee turnover; rather it should be an ongoing practice that protects a business and allows it to grow. Just as a sales pipeline is critical to the success of a business, so is a hiring pipeline critical to the health, growth and culture of a company.

By : Dave Younge, Flexibility Concepts
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