Tips from the Top - July 2017


No Effective Culture, No Effective Business!

Having a successful business can be achieved in many ways but if you have an effective culture the journey can be much easier.

However, there is groundwork to be done, foundations that must always be in place, reviewed, updated and developed continually to ensure the best results. This is through having a great culture in the organisation - the blood that runs through the veins of the organisation, the DNA of the organisation, and without it the road to success will always be difficult, inconsistent and often unsustainable as the organisation grows ...

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Going the Extra Mile with Suppliers

On our board, everyone pays great attention to their customers.  We manage relationships to keep them on side so that they think of us when they want to buy - after all people buy from people.  But our ability to supply is often dependent on our suppliers.  As we are their customers, do we expect them to do the running, manage us, keep us sweet and keep us wanting to buy only from them?  How often are we making sure those relationships are managed and prices are kept lower, materials come to us first and deliveries are on time?

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How to Correct Interviewing Myopia!

TAB Members consider that recruitment is one of their biggest challenges.

So let’s look at one of the major safety nets to help stop you plummeting to depths of the Valley of Recruiting Failure, Interview Bias.

Owners of small and medium size enterprises have, at one time or another, done their own interviewing - it’s common for the boss to be involved at some point.

Bosses are the best and worst interviewers. The best, because few people in the company share their passion, vision, ‘war stories’ and how new people really will make a difference in their growing expanding organisations. The worst, because they are biased.

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Quick Tips

Cart Before the Mission

The problem with mission or vision statements is that as soon as they are hammered out and written down on paper, some companies assume they have been executed or achieved!

By : George Efthymiou, Royal Windows and Doors

Log In a Lot

Make sure you know your log-in credentials for every single piece of equipment that requires passwords (machines, servers, computers, tablets) and log in to them quarterly to make sure they still work. This practice will surface any hacking, fraud or ransomware situations so you can fix them. 

By : Steve Gilbertson, Electramatic
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