Tips from the Top - September 2017


Recruitment Tools and Techniques

In his recent article, Chris Buckley covered ‘interview bias’ and gave some very helpful tips on how to avoid this pitfall.
Recruitment is consistently one of the biggest challenges that SME businesses face, be that a sole trader making their critical first hire or a larger business looking to grow. 
Here are some tools and techniques that can be deployed when recruiting - over and above interview - to increase the likelihood of making great recruitment decisions.
Some key points to start with:
Recruitment is not an exact science
The cost of making poor hires is considerable
It is better to run with a vacancy than make a poor hire
The benefits of planning, a structured approach, and practice are high

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Managing your email inbox when you come back from holiday…..

If you’re faced with 100 / 200 / 300+ emails, how do you prioritise them?  (Hopefully not by starting at the top and working your way through them!)  Try this:

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Getting Focused on Your Success

On our board, we discuss business issues, but we also share the more personal, underlying hopes and doubts which can exert a powerful influence on how we, and therefore our businesses, perform.
Most of us feel as business owners that we can identify the most important aspects of our business. Those factors which are critical to our success. The things that really drive our businesses forward. Or put another way, if we don’t do these things well, we will not be successful in achieving our targets. No matter how hard we work – we just don’t seem to make much progress. I am sure you can recall that feeling?
Less of us feel we know exactly what to do about these aspects of our business. But we usually know if we have a skills gap, and can identify routes to fill that space. (Joining a TAB board being one of them.)

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How much does attitude play a role in our businesses?

Does attitude affect whether we make a success of our roles or how someone fits in to a team? One of the most common subjects that are raised by businesses owners is people! Why is it so hard to find the perfect person?
Attitude can often be a significant factor behind the reason why an individuals’ time at a company ended. Failure or success seems to be connected to attitude.
The book "Cold Calling for Chickens" considers how to be good at selling and Bob Etherington refers to the ongoing research that sales organisations have carried out over the years. The figures that he quotes state:-
15% of success is due to skill
15% of success is due to experience
70% of success is due to ATTITUDE!
This statistic is very powerful and I believe it is relevant across all roles, not just sales. 

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Quick Tips

Alternative to Bonuses

Rather than pay out bonuses, think about a company RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contribution matching plan, there are lots of tax benefits from the company perspective as well as the employee perspective.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Winnipeg Board 401

Think Longer Term

When we make a change in an employee's job description, or add additional help, there is one question I ask: “What do you see as the impact of this change on our company one year down the road?”

By : Chris Martinez, Central Electric

As Business Owners…

We are the brains of our companies.

By : Laura Drury, TAB Denver East-Northeast

Ask Yourself…

Are you getting 100% of the available, good business from your existing clients?

By : Richard Simmons, TAB South Auckland
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