Out-of-the-Box Sales Idea

Our growing business requires continuous recruitment and management of sales people. Our top performer found his own sales suffering as mundane tasks associated with new employees eroded his time for making big deals.

To build the team, we attempted twice to bring in an outside sales manager. These people are very expensive and often clash egos with our existing sales reps. Frequently they would attempt to change "too much, too soon" or go for quick wins without understanding the complexities of our technically-oriented mapping business, complex products and our existing sales processes.

We decided to try a different approach to sales management by promoting a new, young sales rep with strong technology skills into the role of "sales manager in training." At first blush this may sound foolish, but much of what a sales manager does is to follow a process, prepare lists, record and manage data and hold basic one-to-one accountability meetings. Handling these mundane tasks freed the star performer to focus on big deals and high impact responsibilities like peer coaching and strategy.

Reassigning our young employee to this new role had several other interesting benefits. As the employee was known to the team, there was no fear of the heavy-handedness a new sales manager often brings. In addition, the employee quickly used his technological skills with our sales CRM to generate automatic accountability, reports, graphs and dashboards for management. With some additional training, we expect the sales manager will become a superstar.

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