Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday & Business!

Our annual holidays are so important to us aren’t they? It is really worth investing the time into making sure that our two-week break is just what we want.

We do our research, consult, work out what we want to see and experience, we plan our spending, have a brilliant time and then share the experience with family and friends. So what are we doing? You guessed it, we are setting and implementing a strategy - a holiday strategy and millions of us do it year in, year out without a second thought. These processes can be as easily applied to our businesses as they can to our holidays and yet often we don’t.

So here’s my ten-point guide to having the perfect holiday … and a brilliant business:

1.      Research

You will need to spend a bit of time looking at different options, comparing them and contrasting them with what you’ve done before. Do you want to do more of the same? Do you want to try something different? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s purely about what you want to achieve.

2.      Consultation

Who is going on this journey with you? It’s time to consult and ensure they have bought into the idea and are enthusiastic.  They may have some great thoughts that will enhance your plan and nobody wants a grumpy person complaining and ruining things.

3.      The Budget

Decisions made but can you afford it? Are you using savings or planning to borrow? Do you have a contingency fund for added extras or if something goes wrong?

4.      Setting the date

What’s the optimal time to do this? Does it fit around other key dates in the diary? Are there other benefits such as bank holiday weekends?

5.      Booking

At last you’re able to book and countdown to the date, but this is an important period, preparing what you will need and alerting people who need to know such as family, friends and suppliers.

6.      Day One

It’s the big day and everyone is very excited but is everything on track? Is everyone in the right place at the right time? Are the finances secure and all the resources needed organised? No point packing ski outfits for a beach holiday!

7.      Action

You are in full swing and after a busy run-up, its great to relax but are you getting the best out of it? Is there more you can do to optimise this time? Are there more opportunities presenting themselves? Can you see and experience more?  Are there more people to meet?

8.      Sharing the pleasure

Once you’ve reached your destination its great to take time to enjoy it but these days sharing the experience in real-time is equally important.  A physical record of pictures and social media posts means you have a record to reflect on and others’ can enjoy and even benefit from your experience.

9.      Review 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably spend a bit of time reflecting on the success and failure of any venture. What went well and what didn’t? What would you like to repeat and what didn’t live up to expectations? And what did everyone else think?

10.  Planning the future

The success of any holiday or any business is all down to detailed planning. So, with your review complete, it’s time to pull all those learning’s into your next step and decide - where next?

So if you’ve not set a strategy for your business and think you don’t have the tools to do so, just remember how you plan your holidays and use these transferable skills to make your business even more successful. If you still can’t get started you could always speak to your TAB board facilitator and they’ll help you plan the future strategy of your business – and maybe your holidays as well. 

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