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Our unique peer board meetings are designed to provide an exclusive and private environment for the Business Owners and Managing Directors of businesses in West Surrey. We are centred around Guildford, Woking and Farnham. Our Board members meet monthly to share expertise, solve business challenges, help each other seize new opportunities and develop core strategies – all under the guidance of TAB facilitator Leslie Woodcock, owner of TAB in West Surrey.

Leslie also meets monthly with each TAB member for a totally private 1-2-1 session to consolidate and build on the outcomes of each TAB board meeting. It is an opportunity to keep you focused, accountable and on track with a trusted advisor you can count on to help you increase business performance, work through business opportunities and challenges and achieve greater success.

With over 30 years’ experience as both a managing director and business owner, Leslie is the perfect facilitator for like-minded business people enabling them to come together and discuss the pressing issues, successes, questions and situations that arise from running a business. By holding board meetings monthly, members of the group have the opportunity to build trust, loyalty and respect for their peers and therefore the advice that they glean is relevant, personal and also totally confidential. You can see what members say here.

During his career Leslie has helped many businesses in the roles of mentor, consultant and advisor, all of which have armed him with invaluable experience and expertise. However, he believes that TAB peer board meetings present a unique opportunity to share advice between business leaders. Whether you are a business owner, a CEO or a Managing Director, becoming a member of a TAB group will help you to;

  • learn from the mistakes and successes from those who have experienced the same business issues as you
  • spend valuable time with others who understand you and your position within your business
  • have the space, time and support you need to help your business in the company of your peers
  • grow your business, increase profitability, improve your life and appreciate that it needn’t be so lonely at the top
  • consolidate the outcomes of each board meeting during a 121 session with Leslie Woodcock

New boards of only 6 to 8 members in each are currently being put together for businesses in Guildford, Woking, Farnham and surrounding areas so please get in touch and Leslie will arrange for a convenient time to meet with you and discuss how you could benefit from being a member of an exclusive TAB peer board. The next Board launches in May.

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The Alternative Board (TAB) was named by as the leading coaching and consulting company in 2016. Business leaders from all over the globe attribute the success of their business to TAB, but what exactly does being a member of TAB look like? This short animated video explains why joining TAB will be the best business, and personal, decision you make.

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