Steve Coburn, projectfive, Surrey

“I joined the Guildford TAB Board in 2014 as a trial. I wasn’t sure how it would help projectfive, or whether I’d benefit from it personally. But, the time has flown by, and it’s proven more useful and enjoyable than I ever thought possible. Each month I get to meet with an experienced team of fellow business-owners. We have a lot in common and have built up an enormous level of trust between us. We are able to share business challenges that I’d previously had to deal with on my own.

The insight of the others, and their frank, open and honest advice is refreshing. It enables me to see things more clearly and use the wisdom in the room to help our business progress. As someone who was unsure to begin with, the depth of trust and the strength of the relationships that I have with my fellow TAB members is something I didn’t foresee. I would recommend joining TAB to any business owner who is looking at growing their business and maturing their role within that business.”


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Mark Robson, Red Mist Leisure Ltd, Surrey

“I joined TAB in 2014 and it has been a great experience and has provided huge benefits to me and my organisation. It is an excellent forum to air and discuss difficult business issues and to obtain expert considered advice. It has given me clear direction and focused my mind on exactly what my key business priorities are.”

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Allan MacMillan, C7 Architects Ltd, Surrey

“Joining TAB 10 months ago seemed like a big decision at the time. I attended my first board meeting in July 2015 as a guest but felt immediately part of the group and I was struck by the honesty and integrity of what has since become my board.

The monthly meetings are now a highlight of my journey as a business owner and I look forward to the insight, experience and wisdom from my mentor and fellow board members.

TAB has given me the perfect platform for challenge sharing, affirmation and business integrity and has become a key aspect of my business and personal development and an experience that I would recommend to all business owners.”


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Jacqui Hall, CNG Ltd

“One of the great things that TAB has given me is confidence – the reassurance that I am doing the right thing and a good job. You don’t really get to feel like that sat alone at your desk.”

Bob Gomersall, Virtual College

TAB meetings enable me to meet and talk with like minded people, gain new angles and fresh ways of thinking for my business. I meet bright, intelligent people each of who have made a success of their chosen businesses. More importantly, they understand the trials and tribulations that every organisation, irrespective of size, is faced with every day. It is this hard won, practical experience that TAB brings together and which is readily shared around the boardroom table to the benefit of all. Whatever problems arise it helps to know that I am not on my own.”

Find out how TAB members have benefitted from the advice of their peers –


Ian Thompson, Thompson Brand Partners

“Sharing experience, knowledge, hopes, ambitions and fears with a board of peers is enormously beneficial to my business and to me as an individual. Consultants can only go so far – nothing beats the real life lessons that a peer group of this stature can give. Give me real experience over books and gurus any day!”

Jon Whiteley, ProAktive Risk Group

“I have a group of people on my TAB Board who I know I can trust, not only from a confidentiality point of view, but also who I trust to listen to issues I have and give me guidance. Personally, that’s an extra tool I know I can use to help me make better strategic decisions, and I’m there every month so I have the opportunity to use it on a regular basis.”

James Cain, Harrogate Spring Water

“As a direct result of my Board meetings and my fellow members understanding the DNA of the business and myself to some extent, I had been advised to get a ‘right-hand man’ – someone in operations that could take the heat off the day job. I implemented that and it’s made significant changes to the way I work and freed up my time to focus on the bigger picture. It was clear that I was getting involved in the minutia and that I needed to take a step away. It has been a very effective implementation – I wouldn’t have made that investment without The Alternative Board.


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