I started running TAB boards in the Summer of 2014. My original motivation for starting the TAB business was that I have worked with the owners of many private businesses, large and small, throughout the last 20 years of my career. I have tremendous respect for what they have achieved. I have also observed that the most successful business owners benefit from really good independent advice. I have seen first-hand the value that boards of directors provide to the larger businesses that I have both worked in and for but not all businesses have a fully-fledged internal board of directors.

While consultants, family members and employees can provide a useful sounding board, it is only business owners that can truly appreciate what other business owners are going through.

So when I learned about TAB and the model of establishing Business Owner Advisory Boards I immediately felt that I had found the perfect vehicle through which to offer the experience that I have accumulated over my career, express my passion for owner managed businesses and to make a real difference to the lives of the business owners.

Within a few months of starting my TAB business I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. My sense of purpose and fulfilment was and remains enormous.

I launched my first board in West Surrey in 2014 with members from the Guildford, Woking and Farnham area. I am actively engaged in recruiting members to create 2 more TAB boards in 2016.

My board members are all entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and who have grown them very successfully but who are also keen to know what they don’t know! They see their TAB Board as the place to learn this.

They have bonded with each other at a very profound level and are deriving tremendous value from being part of a TAB Board.

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