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So a bit about Leslie Woodcock. In a nutshell he has spent 18 years focussed on helping business owners and decision making executives achieve better results in their businesses.

For the owners of smaller businesses he has worked as a trusted advisor to help them overcome their challenges in practical and down-to-earth ways. They have been able to tap into his experience in marketing, finance and general commercial management.

For larger businesses, including some high street names, he has helped owners and senior executives create their vision of the future and then implement the necessary strategic business and marketing programmes.

As a personal coach he has helped individuals, business owners and executives at a more personal level.

Over the last 18 years he has bought and sold a business of his own; helped buy and sell client businesses; helped several start ups get cracking; and generally assisted business owners with strategic business growth. Leslie has helped the companies that he worked alongside to grow, gain market share, and increase profitability and shareholder value.

Leslie sincerely believes that The Alternative Board provides his Board Members with the opportunity to really help each other in all of these ways and more.

Leslie has lived in Surrey (near Dorking) for the past 16 years and has been involved with a number of business organisations including the IOD West Surrey Branch. He has been been a regular at the Guildford 859 breakfast club over a period of 10 years or more and served on the IOD West Surrey branch committee. He is a member of the Dorking Business Lunch Club and a regular at the business breakfast club run by the Godalming based accountants called Shipleys.

The bit before

After qualifying as an accountant Leslie moved into commerce when he was 27. This step led him into a career in general management. He has spent 10 years as managing director and his last two executive roles were as MD of the Suzuki car franchise for the UK and MD of a Korean car company called Daewoo which he launched here in the UK in 1994.

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