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Logo chainsaw massacre

Often in a brand’s life cycle we see a need for change. Most often it’s to the brand touchpoints and usually to highlight a positive shift and/or a re-evaluation of values. Sometimes it’s merely to combat consumer fatigue with perhaps a packaging and Point of Sale overhaul or even the re-styling of a store interior or reception. Whilst it is extremely impactful to an organisation and does signify evolution to the consumer experiencing the change, we see the action as minor on the brand re-frame monitor.

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Challenging Times

When it comes to staff relations it is always a challenge, either in a boom market, or when times are harder. In the boom times there is always another company who will pay more. In the lean times people may move on because they feel insecure or perceive another company is a better bet.  Treating staff well is not all about spending money, but there is a time investment.

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Things a boss never tells an employee but should!

Here are a few things bosses wish they could say to their employees... but never do, and what they might actually mean:

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Making the Most of Credit Insurance

Most businesses, especially those who Factor or Invoice Discount to support their cash flow, understand the concept of Credit Insurance, but it is surprising how few actually use it. Mainly this is because it can be expensive, and sometimes a little "clunky", and it only covers a proportion of the debt - so you may still lose your margin. In times when margins are under constant pressure, the insurance is often a cost cut early.

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Is your to-do list a strategic plan in disguise?

When was the last time you took yourself out of your working or business environment to contemplate your future? In fact to prepare a strategic growth plan.

If you are like me it is always going to be tomorrow, because today’s to-do list is just too pressing and then there is the client meeting the day after and then it’s the weekend and then you realise that there is a bank holiday coming up… and so on. You can never find the time ….so tomorrow actually never comes.

So lets strip back strategic planning to it bare basics to expose the primary reason for blockage and inertia.

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Quick Tips

How to Find the Most Qualified Candidate

Group interview: Create a short list of 8 to 10 candidates, bring them all into a group interview, assess their ability to communicate in a group and stressful environment. The "A" players quickly stand out and the bad candidates deselect themselves.

By : TAB Board

Efficiency with (ADD)

Automate, Delegate and Destroy (ADD) is a new way of looking at the tasks in my business. For every task my team and I ask – Can this be automated? Should this be delegated? Should we stop doing this and is there a better way? It keeps us from getting stuck in our "standard" ways of doing things and improves our efficiency.

By : Lynn Tomasek

Incorporate Personal Goals into Your KPIs

I have a new KPI of spending 1 day per week with my spouse. This helps me balance my business and personal lives, and enriches my family and marriage.

By : Paul Rayner

If You Want Your Bonus...

To build a team atmosphere, require staff to give compliments or recognise fellow employees as a prerequisite to receiving a bonus.

By : William F. Jones, Jr.
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