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Making Open Plan Work

Remember the days when the idea of an open-plan office was daring and new?  Nowadays, of course, they are commonplace -- indeed, fast becoming ubiquitous.  The advantages are clear -- open plan builds teamwork, facilitates communication, encourages social integration, fosters relationships, and reduces hierarchy (assuming, that is, that the gaffers have the wit to have workstations like everyone else, rather than still insisting on a private office).  Oh, and as an afterthought (?) it saves a lot of space (and a lot of rent!).

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The trouble with Millennials is…

Tough to manage, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused, lazy and above all with a sense of ‘entitlement’ in the workplace. This is all too often the indictment of leaders and colleagues who work with that group we know as the ‘millennials’.

Simon Sinek describes this group during an interview in August 2017 as being those born after 1984 and who are a product of their upbringing, society, parenting and particularly the impact of the ‘immediacy’ in their lives resulting from their exposure to the world of social media.

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Do first impressions count?

Whether you are new to business or an established business, have you recently had a look at how you are viewed from the prospective customer, a current customer or even a potential business partner point of view.  Take the case of a jewellery shop in your local high street and how they present their shop front.  It can be almost guaranteed that most of the jewellery shops you come across will have a stunning display with products sparkling clean, easy to find and view.  The purpose of this is to draw you into the shop where, in most cases, you will be presented with another immaculate setup to entice you to purchase from that particular retailer as opposed to a competitor.

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Remember you're a Womble!

Readers of a certain age will read the headline of this blog and immediately have a tune running through your head like a long lost brainworm.

That clarion call was a cry to remember what was at the heart of being a Womble. It may not have been particularly eloquent but ...

“Remember, member, member what a Womble, Womble, Womble you are”

... is a really clear reminder of what you are - well if you’re a Womble anyway!

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Quick Tips

Can You Answer This One Question?

To find your story, answer this question: In one sentence, what gives you joy about what you do?

By : Denise O’Malley, You Define Wellness!

Mergers and Acquisitions

When purchasing or merging with another business, do not underestimate the value of keeping the original phone numbers for the company you are acquiring. Customers will keep those numbers around for a long time and call it when they have a need. You want to be answering that phone.
For example, a TAB Board Member is still receiving orders from a company he purchased 7 years ago—even though the number is no longer advertised.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board

All About Trust

Trust is the foundation of everything you do: employees, customers, everything. Tie business goals to personal goals to fuel your motivation.

By : Chad Williams, Rockhaven

The Concept of Three Zones

I try to move out of my comfort zone and into the learning zone as often as I can, and ensure that I stay there. The learning zone is where growth (business, intellectual, spiritual and emotional) happens. The learning zone can easily be distinguished from the terror zone, which is self evidently a place to avoid.

By : Richard Kempner, Kempner & Partners, Leeds
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